There are a number of ways to secure your home by yourself… and for free! All you need is commitment and effort on your part. The following procedures may not be as efficient as the security systems and companies would offer, but the knowledge of these tips might just help you in a way you never thought possible. Here are some ideas that you can use to achieve just that.

  • Befriend your neighbors: create a sense of trust with your neighbors because you will never know when you will be needing their help, and vice versa. Instead of leaving your keys under the mat or flower pot, leave your keys to them when you are out of town. Create a Neighborhood Watch, a closely knit community is one of the best ways of discouraging and lessening the burglary rate in any neighborhood.
  • Here is an old school way for an alarm system: All you will need is a bottle, then gently balance it on top of the doorknob. The slight movement of the doorknob will make the bottle fall and make a lot of noise, it can give you enough time to call the police and hold off the intruder from entering your house, or even scare him or her off with the loud noise.

    Put a chair as leverage against the door. If you doubt the efficiency of your locks, this added leverage will strengthen the door from being pried open. Old school, but it helps lessen a few notches to your nervousness.

    Trim the trees and shrubs near your doors and windows, these are best places for burglars to hide from, especially if your shrubs cast too much shadow.

    Arrange your valuables from not being seen from outside the street to avoid temptation. Not knowing what they can get inside your house would take a lot of risk for a burglar.

  • Think like a burglar: survey the perimeter of your house and know the weak points where a burglar may use the opportunity to enter. From that point, think of a way to strengthen those points so you may be prepared.

    Keep your ladders and tools away to avoid having the burglar use your own things to break into your home.

    While on vacation, have a trusted neighbor collect your mails or newspaper to avoid accumulation, which can give burglars an idea that you are not at home. Also, if you keep an answering machine, either turn the answering message off or lower the volume, or change the message into the basic “I can’t reach the phone right now.”

    Do not leave notes posted outside your door if you’ve gone out. This is a dead giveaway for burglars that you’re not at home, which is great opportunity for them.

  • If you have your own drill, all you will be needing is a nail to add security in a window that is hard to reach: make a downward slant from the inside of the window frame and halfway to the outside frame, place the nail to secure the window.
  • Keep track of all your belongings: mark them with your driver’s license number so when disposed by the burglar, they can be a clue for the police to track them down.

    Keep your phone beside your bed, in case you are inside the house and you hear a suspicious noise, call the police immediately and hide out of sight while waiting for them. NEVER attempt to fight off a burglar. Better to lose your belongings than your life.