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Hiding Your Spare Keys

When it comes to hiding a spare key to your house, there's a right and a wrong way of doing it. If you're going to hide your house key, you definitely want to hide it in a place that’s easily accessible to you and your family, however, if it’s easy for you and them to find, it’s easy for an intruder to find it too.

Where You Shouldn’t Hide Your Spare Keys

Criminals aren’t stupid, in fact it’s been proven that over time, criminals have only gotten smarter. So when it comes to hiding your spare key, you have to out-smart the criminal. Hiding it in the obvious places is never a good idea. Under the door mat, above the door frame, in or around the light fixture at the door or in a fake rock are all obvious spots. You should never hide your key near your home, especially when there are so many options available. Although criminals aren’t going to take too much time to search for your hidden key, they will. And they will always check the most obvious, and not so obvious places first. Lawn ornaments, fake dog poop, and other items that keys can be easily hidden in, are obvious locations a criminal would search.

Where You Should Hide Your Spare Keys

If you keep your extra key on your person, in your wallet or in your car, chances are you’ll never have a problem with being discreet. Giving your spare key to a trusted neighbor, family member or friend isn’t a bad idea, as long as your name isn’t attached to the key. You could also invest in a key vault. The key vault is similar to a safe, only it’s much smaller and can either be attached to the wall on the outside of your home, or hidden in a conspicuous location. You could also give a neighbor your key vault.

If you do decide that you're going to hide your spare key somewhere on your own property, hide it in a place that you can retrieve it without being seen, such as in your back yard. If you have an outside dog, hide it in their doghouse. Most criminals aren’t going to chance that option. If you do decide to hide your spare key in lawn ornaments, cycle through them often. Change it up. Even if you haven’t used the spare key, switch the location every now and then.

I heard about this family who gathered over 75 house keys and painted them different colors to make a wind chime. Only the family knew which color would allow them to open the front door. It’s an obvious location, but it’s creative and more than likely a criminal isn’t going to sit there and test 75+ keys to gain access.

I heard about another family who hid numerous keys around their property, but only one key allowed them access indoors. The point is to frustrate the criminal, and play a sort of mind game with them, so that they’ll eventually give up and go away.

They key to hiding your spare key is to make it difficult. Remember that criminals are smart, and though they will take some amount of time out to search for your spare key, they won’t take much. Be creative, unique, discreet and not obvious.

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