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Home Security Tips for your Garage

Attached garages are one of the easiest targets and favorite methods for thieves to gain entry into your home. Thieves cruise neighborhoods looking for soft targets and lax garage security because garages contain items like power tools, bicycles, golf clubs, riding lawnmowers, etc. which are easy to steal and easy to fence.

Outlined below are a number of things that you can do to enhance garage security for your home and make your garage less attractive to thieves.


Install Reinforced Glass in your Garage Windows

One of the easiest places to breach garage security is a window. They are frequently on the side or around the back where thieves can work on them undetected. For a modest price, you can have additional locks and reinforced glass installed on your garage windows so that they are much harder to enter.



Keep your Garage Door Closed

Even if you are just running to the hardware store for 10 minutes, get in the habit of closing your garage door. It only takes seconds for a thief in a car to run into your garage, grab an armload of tools, and be back in his car and gone. Also, a wide open garage door allows anyone to take a quick inventory of your possessions for future reference.



Always Lock the Door into your House

Even though it creates one more step at the end of a long day, locking the door into your home from the garage is one of the best steps that you can take to increase garage security. People often leave these doors unlocked and it provides easy access to the inside of your home.



Never Leave your Car Keys in your Car

This is another common garage security mistake that people make. Once the garage door is closed, folks have a tendency to believe that leaving their keys in the car is okay. It’s most definitely not okay because that key ring provides easy access to you, your home, your business, and maybe padlocks that safeguard expensive items.



Upgrade your Automatic Garage Door Opener

Automatic garage door openers are great for convenience but not at all great for garage security. Sophisticated thieves use devices called ‘code-grabbers’ to record the radio signal from your remote to the opener and then they can open your garage door as easily as you can. Some manufacturers use ‘rolling code’ technology for door openers that sends a new signal each time the remote is used. Upgrade your garage door opener to a newer model and thwart the thieves that cruise around randomly clicking on a remote trying to get lucky.



Mark your Possessions

This is an easy garage security measure that thieves hate. Marking your lawnmower, golf clubs, bicycles, tools, etc. in several places by engraving your name on them makes it much harder for thieves to fence them. Unscrupulous pawn shop owners are much less likely to buy stolen items with someone’s name all over them.


All of these steps are easy ways to increase your garage security and safeguard your belongings. Further information can be found by contacting your local Police department. They are trained to think like thieves and may be able to inspect your garage and make specific recommendations to help keep you and your home safe.

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