PTZ Cameras

Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras are probably the most expensive surveillance cameras on the market. Most rotate a full 360 degrees including directly below the camera, allowing the proper personnel to view every inch of the room. The Pan allows the camera to move from left to right, the Tilt allows the camera to move up and down and the Zoom allows the camera to move in and out. Every movement is controlled by a keyboard and movements can also be programmed for looking into predetermined areas. To do that all you have to do is connect the proper devices like motion detectors, magnetic door contracts and panic buttons. This system is so advanced present patterns can be triggered automatically even when no one’s around the keyboard!! Most companies have combined the PTZ camera with the dome housed cameras, creating a disturbance in the minds of criminals, paranoid of not knowing which direction the camera is pointing.

Axis PTZ Network Cameras offer PTZ control over an IP network such as LAN or the internet. With built-in night vision and settings of either manual or scheduled automatic switches of color imaging and built-in IR lighting or external IR lamps, its no wonder these day/night cameras are the number choice in the market. While Pixford offers the greatest low light sensitivity, Vivotek is the most economical of any brand, JVC has the reliability required to operate in a continuous control mode with 25X optical zoom, but Sony takes remote monitoring up a notch or two by offering flexibility to see almost anything within the cameras range and field-of-view over an ordinary TCP/IP network. Sony model SNC-RZ25 comes with a built-in web server, high resolution and sensitivity, built-in optical auto-focus zoom lens, rate control, analog video output, external microphone input, motion detection function, and a selectable MPEG-4 and JPEG compression formats. This model pans from -170 to +170 degrees and it tilts -90 to +30 degrees (a total of 120 degrees). This camera is top of the line.

Other major brands include Toshiba, Speco, Axis, Samsung, Pelco, Everfocus, and Panasonic. Like I said, PTZ cameras are not the cheap way to go. Even the mimicked dummy cameras of these brands/models are expensive. But if you’re ready to take the next step in surveillance and security, you must look into purchasing a PTZ Camera. Go all out and combine multiple styles like IP, PTZ, and Dome to customize your level of security.