Sound Detection Systems

Sound systems are not the most popular security systems in the market, but they are used in a variety of ways for surveillance needs. Acoustic sensors utilize sound detection to guard enclosed areas such as homes, sheds and garages. Supersensitive microphone sensors are installed on walls, ceilings, and floors to detect any sound caused during a break in or any other unauthorized visit. These sensors can be tuned to fit each room’s sensitivity. Kitchens tend to have loud appliances like refrigerators and disposals, while garages have air conditioners close by and noisy neighbors. If your sensor is placed in outer perimeters even the cars that drive by might set off your alarm. Acoustic Sensors are fragile so it’s important to know exactly where you plan on placing them and exactly how much ambient noise will be around your product. If the ambient noise is too high, you might want to seek a less sensitive model.

Audio Zone Trigger is software that was created especially for sound detection. The software takes live audio from any input source and enables the computer to react to it in a user-specified way. The software lets you set any number of triggers (as they’re called) that perform any number of functions and responses like recording sounds, running a file, or adapting a sound volume to only detect sound peeks. You may even set each triggers sensitivity individually giving you full control of each sensor. And all of this is done via computer so you may even be able to include with your system a wireless IP camera of some sorts, giving you visual and audio from anywhere that has access to the specific network.

The Rab Sound Alert System simply tells you when and where a person is coming from. The wireless sensor/transmitters can be placed wherever you want because they are notified by a voice message when activity is sensed. It’s the easiest and most thorough sound monitoring device for indoors or outdoors on the market today. The system consists of a base station plus two sensor/transmitters. You may purchase more sensors or transmitters separately from one another creating a custom system. And similar to many wireless cameras and cordless phones, this product sends signals from the transmitter/sensor to the base station immediately alerting you of any action in your protected zones.

The Non-Auditory Sound System changes sound into non-auditory signals that stimulate a user, alerting them of a presence of a predetermined sound. The system includes a main control unit and a transceiver for receiving a predetermined sound. Assembly for this device includes hooking up an attachment to your body. Don’t worry; many consumers have reported this attachment is comfortable to wear. So no matter what system you choose for sound detection, remember there are many products in the market and on the web to help you decide what’s best for you.