Home Security Alarms & Sensors

Passive Infrared Sensors

The best way to notice an intruder in the dark and the fact that it’s basically a motion detector that is designed to notice temperature changes. Say if a warm bodied human passes in front of a wall, you would have a clear image of that person and of what they are doing. The reason why they call it a “passive” infrared sensor is…

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Motion Sensors

Motion Sensors are defined as a device that contains a physical mechanism or an electronic sensor that quantifies motion and that can be either integrated with or connected to other…

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Sound Detection Systems

Sound systems are not the most popular security systems in the market, but they are used in a variety of ways for surveillance needs. Acoustic sensors utilize sound detection to guard enclosed…

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Driveway Alarms

Driveway alarms are a great tool for home security and monitoring your property. Driveway alarms allow you to know when someone’s entered your driveway, gate, drive-thru, passageways, etc…

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Photoelectric Sensors

Photo electronic sensors were made to detect objects through the use of light. These sensors have the longest sensing ranges amongst sensors today.

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Ultrasonic Motion Sensors

Many homeowners spend a lot of time grooming the landscaping of their property to enhance the value of their homes and promote their love of being outdoors. But there are some landscaping features that thieves also love because it makes it easier for them to gain access to your home.

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Garage & Driveway Monitors

When trying to protect your home, you are most certainly looking for something easy but secure. In this article you will find ten easy ways to protect your home and stay secure…

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Security Prevention & Tips

New Featured Products

Night Vision Cameras

Don’t Let The Dark Prevent Your Home From Being Secure. Night Vision cameras are the best way to protect your home around the clock and to always be able to see who’s coming in and out.

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Video Door Phones

Sometimes door viewers aren’t enough or if you have a larger homes then door phones may be a solution for security prevention.

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