Window Films

Did you know the FBI Crime Report says that almost 70% of all burglaries involve entry through windows or doors? That’s awful. Window Films have been around for quite sometime but recent developments have included tint and polyester to help prevent certain things such as the sun’s harmful UV rays, hurricanes, accidents, and crime from happening. The single or multi-layered polyester films are very difficult to shatter since the goal is to hold all broken glass firmly inside the window frame once the glass is broken. So to Mother Nature and any criminals; Good Luck getting in!!

Window films are used on glass for multiple reasons; residential, decorative, frosted, privacy and stained glass all help the consumer save money on energy used and window films also prevent shards of glass from flying everywhere in case of an emergency. The films are adhesive coated to bond them to the glass. Better safety films are smooth coated and have a far more superior optical clarity. Designed to perform under adverse conditions, standards and standard tests are done to ensure films will perform in certain situations. There are four main organizations that produce such standards and guidelines for how films perform at impact; The British Standards Institute, the American National Standards Institute, the European Committee for Standardization and the CPSC General Service Administration.

Companies like Armorcoat, Madico, Johnson, IWFA and Glass Lock all provide safety and security window films. Films can be applied to toughened, annealed or laminated glass and like I said before they may have components added such as solar control and decorative effects. The difference between film and laminated glass is that the films can be applied after the manufacture or installation. They are retrofit products; where as laminated glass requires films to be applied before. Attachment systems are designed to enhance performance of safety and security too. You attach film yourself to the window frame surrounding the glass to prevent filmed glass from coming inwards in an explosion or something equivalent to that. You may choose from mechanical or ‘wet glaze’ when picking out an attachment system. The mechanical fastens into the window frame and the wet glaze film is attached to the surrounding frame using a silicon caulking. When it comes to protecting yourself, family and friends, window films are an inexpensive way to protect them from more than crime and weather.