Multi-Point Door Locks

These locks, if installed correctly, should be every homeowner’s best friend. Talk about giving an intruder a little pay back. These locks are known to make an intruder’s job of breaking in up to 10x harder, since they would have no clue as to where the weak spots on the door were located. You can have a basic three point lock or up to a ten point lock installed. Multi Point locks can lock manually or automatically while remaining hidden in the door. When properly installed they can keep out burglars and weather elements. These locks have also been known to help fasten doors more solidly in place, which also keeps the door from warping or setting unevenly.

Made out of brass, brushed nickel, black nickel, or oil rubbed bronze, most companies will key the lock to match all your doors in and around your home or business. Its probably a good idea to have professionals install multi point locks since its easy to mishandle them which would prevent the door from locking if not shut correctly.

It all started in Europe a few years ago, but since the idea came to America, it’s definitely been Americanized. What I mean by that is, the thumb lever stops after being rotated 90 degrees, while the European models rotate a full 360 degrees. You are able to buy either or, regardless of where you live.

There are two different types of multi point locks; the automatic locking mechanism and the semi-automatic locking mechanism. The automatic lock engages the perimeter bolts automatically when the door shuts, making you’re job easy. The semi automatic lock requires you to lift up on the lever to engage the perimeter bolts, yet allows you to throw the main bolt at anytime, making it more of a manual method. Either way you will spend over $100, even for the cheap ones. These locks are so unique and provide such an impact overall when it comes to home security. Check out companies like Mul-T-Lock and Securitech for information.