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Glass Break Detectors

Glass break detectors are one of the oldest methods of home security. Back in the good old days they used to bond metal foil strips to windows. When the strips were broken they would open a circuit which is detected by an alarm console. They tend to be difficult to install and ugly to look at, but they served their purpose with strength and reliability. Newer methods detect vibrations or sounds made by breaking glass; however it is very important to consider what type of glass is being used. Some detectors are designed to work with certain glass material and also, some glass could affect the range and performance of the unit.

More recent technology has begun detecting acoustic sounds of glass breaking. One detector can monitor multiple panes and simpler designs sense a higher frequency tinkle of shattered glass. One of the disadvantages to this method is simple designs cause false alarms by confusing the breaking glass of such things like tableware or sounds of bells. Vibration detectors are split into two categories; those that mount onto the glass itself and those that mount onto a wall or the ceiling. Basic detectors will detect any vibration and these detectors have been used on other materials such as wood and concrete, with effective results.

Bugs are a different method of glass break detection. They are attached to windows being protected and prove to be a popular way to go. The device directly senses vibrations caused by impact. There are disadvantages to bugs though. False alarms are quite common mostly because of loud noises. Bugs must also be attached to each window in the case of multi-paned windows, but don’t let that stop you. Bugs are an inexpensive way to secure your entry points around your home.

Intellisense is a company that is developing technology that reduces and almost eliminates false alarms. Their dual technology acoustic glass break detectors listen for the low frequency sound pressure wave created by the flexing of the glass just before the glass breaks at impact. They call it the “Flex Wave” and once it’s detected it enables a high frequency detector to listen for the tinkle of glass breaking. Since both devices need to detect the glass breaking, false alarms are virtually eliminated. There are many options to choose from when shopping for a glass break detector. Home security companies such as ADT and Brinks offer packages that could include these detectors. Installation is pretty simple, however depending on the sophistication of the device one purchases, it might be a good idea to speak to or call out a professional. Remember, it’s very important to know what type of glass windows you own before purchasing any detector of this kind.

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