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Electronic Deadbolt Locks

You can find electronic deadbolt locks in a variety of ways. Some are keyless, some are keyed, some use keypads, some use a remote and some require a fingerprint. Don’t think for a second that deadbolt technology hasn’t evolved with the times. They are separate from locking systems found in most doors and are activated by the turning of a separate knob. They come in different styles and levels of quality. There are many great qualities to electronic deadbolt locks; in fact I could only find one major downside to the system. The fact that they can be unsafe in the case of wanting to leave in a hurry doesn’t sit well with many consumers. But if you take additional steps like installing driveway alarms or motion detectors you may be alerted sooner if an intruder has made his presence on your property. Some of these locks contain motion detectors that illuminate the keyhole in the darkness of night, making it easier for you to get inside. You can find most of these electronic locks for no cheaper than $150.00.

Keyless electronic deadbolt locks are probably the most popular electronic lock on the market. They feature audio and video signals that tell you when the door has completely locked using a computer chip inside of the lock that can be set to automatically lock the door after you leave. All keyless electronic deadbolt locks are equipped with the latest rolling code technology. Rolling Codes keep the deadbolts from being hacked into. They randomly select a new entry code from up to4 billion possibilities!! Keyless styles are used in homes and businesses like government offices, institutional buildings and corporate buildings. When purchasing a keyless electronic deadbolt lock, make sure you get your device “Bump Proofed”. You Tube and websites alike provide “how-to-guides” that enable criminals to get passed the electronic deadbolt. Some of the best sellers in this market are the Keyless Keypad Electronic Entry Knob Lockset and the Keyless Keypad Electronic Deadbolt Lockset.

The Infrared IR Remote Control Electronic Deadbolt lock is easy to install and costs roughly around $130.00. This deadbolt locks manually from the outside simply by pressing a button. From the inside all you have to do is turn a small piece. This system doesn’t lock automatically like latch locks do but the consumer is able to program up to 30 separate doors, which includes 30 separate code entry’s and there are distinct audible codes for locking, unlocking, jams and low batteries. This system is capable of using existing mounting holes for cylinder locks. The RFID or Radiofrequency ID electronic deadbolt lock requires a special card instead of a fingerprint or numerical code. In the unfortunate case of losing the card the lock has a reprogrammable function located on the lock itself enabling the user to put a stop on the use of the lost card while still allowing the user to access the entryway. To use your system you simply press a button on the card and wave the wallet, keychain, cell phone or place you’ve put your card, and the door unlocks. You simply push the button in the center of the card to lock the door again. For more information on the different types of electronic deadbolt locks compare closely while shopping around. Each product has different models and features that may require extra accessories, so do your homework!

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