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Door Peepholes Are No Longer Safe

When it comes to home security, door peepholes have served their purpose for many years. Even though these holes enable you to see who’s outside your door, they have their disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is that most peep holes don’t provide a large enough angle. Intruders are able to step to the side or duck down to hide from your line of sight.

Another disadvantage is that some peepholes, especially those on older homes, are not made of a solid material, making it easy for someone to poke something through the hole, potentially harming you or a loved one.

There are solutions to these problems though. Installing a door viewer can provide a larger panoramic view of the outside. There isn’t a need to strain your eyes with these products either. Since most doors have already had a peephole in them, installing wont be much of a problem. Below is a list of the different types of door viewers available to you.

Types of Door Viewers


There are six main types of door viewers that are found at a very reasonable price. They all require some type of knowledge for installment, but professionals are available to you if you're unsure.

  • THE MINISCOPE- This door viewer is made of solid brass for durability and provides a horizontal 200 degree direct viewing area. Priced between $20-$30.

  • THE ULTRAVISION- This door viewer has the most advanced glass lens on the market. It provides a wide angle 132 degree horizontal view, and allows you to see people up to 7 feet away. Priced between $30-$40.

  • THE XTRASCOPE- This door viewer comes with an extended length option for reinforced doors. It provides a sharp and clear 200 degree discreet viewing area. It also has an optional cover plate, and all of it is made of solid brass. Priced between $25-$30.

  • THE XTRASCOPE PLUS- This door viewer has a privacy inner lens cover for 100% privacy and security. It has a heavy duty extended peephole for extra thick doors and walls. It’s ideal for industrial use that requires monitoring through a wall and provides a direct wide angle 200 degree view. Priced between $34-$40.

  • THE SUPERVISION- This door viewer has a super wide angle 132 degree horizontal view that’s great for small children, adults, or anyone in a wheelchair. It enables you to see people up to 6 feet away and acts as a miniature color video monitor that’s installed on the door. Priced between $20-30.

  • THE WIDEVISION- This door viewer has a wide angle 132 degree horizontal view. It comes with the same features as the SuperVision, only its optical device is similar to having a 1 ½ inch color TV screen on the door. Priced between $20-$25.

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