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video door phone

Video Door Phones

If you would like to view who’s at your door before you open it, video door phones could be your security solution. Used on homes, apartments and businesses, they’ve proven themselves to be reliable and vandal resistant. There are many different kinds of video door phones. Some offer audio communications some have built-in infrared illuminators for nighttime vision, some come in black and white and some come in color... Continue

Securing Your Doors

Magnetic Sensors

door magnetic sensor

Basic magnetic sensors are made up of two components that are used to safeguard windows and doors. One part is installed into the window or door jam while the other contains a magnet that is placed in the window or door itself... Continue Reading


Electric Deadbolt Locks

10 easy ways to protect your home

You can find electronic deadbolt locks in a variety of ways. Some are keyless, some are keyed, some use keypads, some use a remote and some require a fingerprint. Don’t think for a second that deadbolt technology hasn’t evolved with the times... Continue Reading

Simple Door Chains

10 easy ways to protect your home

So the more I learn about these things, the more I realize I made a bad investment. Well, four bad investments actually. Brass, steel, wrought iron or stainless steel, it doesn’t matter what type of metal you choose because... Continue Reading


Deadbolt Locks

garage security tips

If you’re looking to provide added protection for your home, deadbolt locks are an inexpensive and smart way to go. There are many different types of deadbolt locks like single or double cylinder... Continue Reading

RIM Locks

landscaping ideas for home security

Rim locks, or rim latches as I've learned to call them, are definitely more effective than a simple latch lock. In fact, since they're usually used with other internal locks they're also known as auxiliary locks...
Continue Reading

Multi-Point Locks

10 easy ways to protect your home

These locks, if installed correctly, should be every homeowner’s best friend. Talk about giving an intruder a little pay back... Continue Reading

Fingerprint Door Locks

garage security tips

Fingerprint door locks are becoming increasing popular for business and home security and there are many types to choose from. Thermal sensors detect if a real person is behind the fingerprint, but you can only find them on some models. Continue Reading

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Securing Your Windows

Glass Break Dectors

apartment and condo security

Glass break detectors are one of the oldest methods of home security. Back in the good old days they used to bond metal foil strips to windows... Continue Reading

Window Films

10 easy ways to protect your home

Did you know the FBI Crime Report says that almost 70% of all burglaries involve entry through windows or doors? That’s awful. Window Films have been around for quite sometime... Continue Reading

Security Bars

10 easy ways to protect your home

Security bars aren’t just found on windows anymore. Many consumers have realized they add security to your doors too. Whether it’s your solid oak front door or... Continue Reading


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Night Vision Cameras

Don't Let The Dark Prevent Your Home From Being Secure. Night Vision cameras are the best way to protect your home around the clock and to always be able to see who's coming in and out. Continue reading...

Video Door Phones


Sometimes door viewers aren't enough or if you have a larger homes then door phones may be a solution for security prevention. Continue reading...