Most people that rent apartments or own condos feel good about apartment security because there are multiple locks to gain entry and/or someone monitoring the front door 24/7. Thieves like apartment houses and condominiums because neighbors are less likely to know each other and it’s more difficult to determine who lives there and who doesn’t.

Plus, the constant coming and going of renters and their guests at all hours make it easier for thieves to breach apartment security and make off with your possessions in plain sight. Few of us think twice about two guys coming down the hall with a television in their hands if they look and act like they belong there.

Here are some easy things that you can do to enhance apartment security for you and the other people in your building and decrease your chances of becoming another crime statistic.

Get Organized

Talk to your apartment or condo building manager about organizing monthly apartment security meetings to discuss problems and concerns. It will give you an opportunity to meet more of your neighbors and may invoke a feeling of community.

Never Buzz Someone into the Building that You Don’t Know

One of the more effective tricks employed by thieves to defeat apartment security is to hit all of the buttons on the outdoor panel in the hope that someone will buzz them in without checking to see who they are. This happens more often that not and once inside, they can cruise the halls looking for unlocked doors.

Make Sure that Building Management Maintains Lighting, Doors, and Locks

Part of the rental or condo agreement will state that management is responsible for maintaining apartment security via proper maintenance of lights, doors and locks. If light bulbs or locks need to be replaced anywhere on the premises, let management know by stopping by the office or slipping a note under the door after hours.

Use Redundant Apartment Security Measures on Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are a favorite for thieves because, especially on the upper stories, tenants are lax about keeping them locked thinking that thieves will not be willing to climb that high. Balconies make it easy for thieves to gain access to upper-story apartments so be sure that you keep your balcony door locked and use rigid bars designed to keep sliding glass doors from opening.

Always look Through the Peephole Before you Let Someone In

Even if you are expecting company, always look through the peephole before allowing someone to enter your apartment. If someone shows up unannounced to take a meter reading or an inspection of some sort, make some calls to determine the legitimacy of their reason before your let them in.

Never Let Someone that You Don’t Know Enter the Building with You

Thieves are opportunists. Exploiting any opportunity to bypass apartment security, they will act as friends of neighbors who are supposed to let them in but aren’t home, rely on our reluctance to create an uncomfortable social situation, or act as pizza delivery guys to get in. If someone attempts to come into the building with you that you don’t know, act as if you’ve forgotten something in the car or firmly explain that they will have to use the intercom to get buzzed in.